About Me

I have a great passion for writing music to picture.


I moved over from a long and successful career as Record Producer/Engineer ......(Multi Platinum/Gold Disc Awards), to composing for Film,Tv,Games and Media,

about 6 years ago.

I was already a classically trained musician, having spent 3 years at music college before entering the recording world.

I brought all my technical skills with me, (for techies..I use Cubase Pro 9.5, Logic Pro and Protools and work in 5.1 surround sound!) because the modern-day Film Composer has to be able to adapt to dynamic changes in edits and scenes...technology allows us to do this quickly and efficiently.

The other skill I imported was my communication skills...it's vital to be able to communicate with Directors and Producers in a way that will get the best results and realise their visions.


I moved into my current studio (in a 19th century gothic former Convent) in October 2017 to give me enough space to tackle any musical requirements ..there is even a chapel attached which could accommodate a full orchestra!

I have just finished my fifth full length feature film....the world's first Ice Hockey/Zombie/Comedy/Horror "Ahockalypse" for Sparrowhawk Films (U.S,A,).

In 2018/19 I will be scoring a 13 Episode TV series Drama/Comedy amongst other projects.

Craig Patrick

Sparrowhawk Films U.S.A.

(Film Producer)..(Ahockalypse and Black Creek)



"Pete has been awesome to work with again!! We look forward to working with Pete on more projects...Great job Pete!!!"

Jeremy Wanek (Film Editor)

"Thanks so much for your hard work, Pete, always a pleasure working with you !"

Wayne Johnson Jnr

Black Space VFX (U.S.A.)

(Film Director)

"Great work Pete Coleman! A real pleasure working with you! Thank you!"

James Crow 

Last British Dragon 


(Talking about "House of Salem")

Petes' score is magical again, as it was with "Curse of the Witching Tree" and he created another amazing score for "Black Creek"

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