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Pete Coleman - music composer for film, games, television and media

Pete Coleman - 2019           

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James Crow. Last British Dragon - Director, Producer, Writer

"Pete's score is magical again, as it was with 'Curse of the Witching Tree' and he created another amazing score for 'Black Creek' "

- Talking about 'House of Salem'

I have a great passion for writing music to picture. I moved over to full-time composing for Film, TV, Games and Media,

about 6 years ago after a long and successful career as record producer and engineer - Multi Platinum and Gold Disc Awards. I was already a classically trained musician before entering the recording world.

One thing I have learned along the way is that it is SO important to have good communication skills - it's vital to be able to communicate with directors and producers in a way that will get the best results and realise their vision. I'm a multi-instrumentalist and adept at using the latest hi-tech digital and virtual systems to create to a wide range of genres. If you want full orchestral - I can do that too!

I have recently finished my fifth full length feature film - the world's first Ice Hockey/Zombie/Comedy/Horror "Ahockalypse" for Sparrowhawk Films (USA). This has been followed by a complete revamp of my studio!

Jeremy Wanek - Film Editor

"Thanks so much for your hard work, Pete, always a pleasure working with you !"

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