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Ahockalypse - Original Score

Sparrowhawk Pictures USA

Release Date: August 17th 2018

DVD and V.O.D

Soundtrack Available Now!

Ahockalypse Poster

Black Creek - Original Score

Last British Dragon Sparrowhawk

Release Date: February 2018

Soundtrack Available Now!

Black Creek Poster

House of Salem - Original Score

Last British Dragon

Release Date:  January 2018

Soundtrack Available Now!

House of Salem Poster

Nightmare on 34th Street

Original Score and Sound Design

Last British Dragon

Release Date: 2021

Nightmare on 34th Street Poster

Curse of the Witching Tree

Original Score

Last British Dragon

Release Date:  May  2015

Curse of the Witching Tree Poster

Theme tune for a dark comedic TV series set in an "institution". Sadly the project is currently on hold.

Video created by Merrick Cardew and Phil Hartwell at "Capturvate" Video Production Agency.

Fantastic time lapse video of amazing Artist Rodney Matthews creating new logo for "GameHut"  with  music "Pohnee Xpress" by Pete Coleman.

Pre Sound fx and Dialogue clip from "Ahockalypse" Sparrowhawk Pictures

Release Date: Aug 17th 2018

Suspense short video from Director James Crow - submitted to various film festivals during 2020.

Show reel featuring earlier works.

Official Trailer for Last British Dragon film "Last Village on the Right" Music by Pete Coleman.

 Release Date: 2021 - still in production