Ahockalypse Soundtrack Out Now!
Ahockalypse Release Date Announced!

I'm pleased to announce that "Ahockalypse", the world's first Ice Hockey/Zombie/Comedy/Horror will be released on DVD and VOD on August 17th 2018.

At the same time...my Original Motion Picture Soundtrack will be available to download from iTunes,Amazon and directly from Redrocca Records.

Many thanks to my Music Publishers "Accorder Music Publishing" for making this possible!

May 2018
Extremely pleased to announce that I have signed a publishing deal with Accorder Music Publishers, one of the UK forerunners in publishing for Film, TV, Games and Media.
They have a fantastic roster of talented and experienced composers and very happy to now be part of the 'family'.

27th February 2018

Very pleased to announce that I am signing a music publishing deal with a major UK Music Publisher.

More details to follow!

Pleased to announce that I will be the composer for new 10 part TV series entitled "Brain Damage"....by Copywrong Films.

Due to air in 2019.

Plot Summary:-

A retiring administrative chief of operations for mentally challenged residential homes drives through the grounds of the building and becomes aware that there are residents freely moving around without any assistance. He enters the building to find all hell has broken loose and patients have escaped out of the home. The staff are in despair, mobile phones have no signal in the area and at the same time they are unable to get into the main office to the only phone that is working.

Chas Burns (Writer/Director)

It will be filmed entirely in the Cotswolds U.K.

9th February 2018



Very pleased to announce that my Soundtrack to the film "House of Salem" is now available for purchase or download on iTunes and Amazon.com.

Press link button below to get track listing and links to Amazon and iTunes!

13th February 2018

Recent review for "Black Creek" by                     "Horror Fuel"


 "I enjoyed the score to the film........ (provided by Pete Coleman) that was equal parts ethereal ambient and BBC ’70’s sci-fi program soundtrack, mixed with a hint of John Carpenter"

Review by DanXIII

Quite a compliment!

19th February 2018

Pleased to announce that my Soundtrack Album for the film "Black Creek" is now available for download from iTunes and Amazon.

Click on Album Cover to go to details!

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